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Serving the entire Bemidji, MN and surrounding areas

Whether you want to install a big patio where a tree is or put in a completely new lawn, you’re going to need to make a lot of changes. Fortunately, we have the expertise to make your vision for your yard a reality. From leveling the ground so that you can comfortably host outdoor parties to removing trees so you can install a nice patio, you can trust us to approach the job with professionalism.

Clear your yard for a makeover

From tree removal to leveling to seeding, we will give you great work for great, affordable prices.

• Tree Removal

• Stump grinding

• Stump removal

• Leveling

• Sod and seeding

• Black dirt

Benefit from our lot

clearing services

We will work hard to make the vision you have for your property happen. Let us present you with plans and solutions. You will get our expertly quick services for affordable prices and we will make sure to fill you in throughout every step of the lot clearing process.

We’ll fill you in every step of the way

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